01. Catriona passed the time during the lecture by working on a scarf she was [knitting].
02. I could hear the clicking of needles as Anne sat [knitting] a sweater.
03. She sat in the corner, her fingers [knitted] together in her lap.
04. Her mother [knit] wool socks for the soldiers during the war.
05. My wife made me a heavy [knit] sweater to keep me warm during our canoe trips.
06. She had left a [knitting] needle on the couch, and I almost stabbed myself when I sat down.
07. She left her [knitting] on the chair and went into the kitchen to make supper.
08. Her eyebrows were [knit] together in an expression of puzzlement.
09. Traditional Korean society is characterized by tightly [knit] extended families.
10. The farmer's market has really helped to [knit] this community together.
11. Fern meets with her [knitting] group every Sunday to swap ideas, techniques and patterns.
12. He had on a beautiful [knit] sweater that his wife made for him.
13. Bill is learning how to [knit], and has already made himself a little scarf.
14. Henry King wrote, "We must in tears unwind a love [knit] up in many years."
15. Ralph Waldo Emerson once noted that persecution readily [knits] friendship between its victims.
16. Angela Carter once described the Japanese language, with all its Ts and Ks, as sounding like briskly plied [knitting] needles.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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